Friday, May 25, 2012

Division of Sindh for the progress of Sindh

It boggles me that people don't necessarily get to think more objectively, that division of Sindh can bring so such huge potential to bring so much prosperity to the people of Sindh and especially to Sindhis who live in our rural areas.

I don't mind making arguments and letting people know the reasons I support two Sindhi provinces.

It pains me to write that  "THE VERY OBVIOUS" has either NOT been noted or simply neglected.... Most of the Respected "Daanishwars" loudly wonder, and keep wondering, (armchair activists) that why we have so much sectarian and racial violence.

After the very first complete constitution of 1973, Constitutional DIVIDE of Sindh" was promulgated in the form of :----


There is One Domicile in Punjab, One In Baluchistan , One in Kh.P'Khwa  BUT TWO IN SINDH ( Sindh-Rural & amp; Sindh-Urban).

I do get the argument that at that time people thought of it as beneficial for province to boost their people living in rural areas, but they forgot to take into account the population density of Sindh region as whole.

The population of Karachi is not what it used to be 64 yrs ago! In 1947, Karachi was just an army garrison city for British India, thus the population of the city was next to nothing. Today, Karachi is the 7th most populous city in the world, it has a population of roughly 20 MILLION people, which roughly translates into 3 CRORES.

Its utter madness that a metropolis which supports 20 MILLION out of total population of 140 MILLION, has so little resources due to the way its adminstratively placed in Sindh Assembly and National Assembly.

Let alone the fact that we are not taking into account, IDPs (internally displaced people) who came to Karachi and Hyderabad due to continuous floods in Sindh, earthquake of 2005 and Afghan refugees who were influxed into the population.

What I am trying to say is that, the new province will not only allow Karachi/Hyderabad to deal with its growing demands in a very pleasant manner as having provincial liberty, it will be able to EMPOWER its impoverished communities. It's an AMAZING opportunity for the people living in Upper Sindh area, who complain about receiving NOT ENOUGH government support, it will help in building of new CITY CENTRE for the people of agrarian Sindh. They will have enough money to build for their farmers, agrarian projects, education, health care and social welfare systems. Bringing in the influx of money will help in REDUCTION OF RURAL-URBAN MIGRATION, which has been a HUGE issue for all of our city centres around the country.

If Punjab, can take such an effective step, in catering to the needs of its people, then why not Sindh??

This will also bring our AGRARIAN CLASS from the RURAL AREAS of Sindh to the National Assembly with much stronger and larger voice of representation. The region which feeds the whole country, in terms of FOOD SOVEREIGNTY, it will be one of the best decisions. The other areas of Sindh wont be neglected because all the resources of a province wont be just spent in stabilizing Karachi and Hyderabad.

Out of the present Greater-Sindh, judiciously independent Local-Governments at City or Metropolis levels will give the people a "Sense Of Responsibility & MOSTLY Ownership" and may resolve the frightening problems brewing /errupting in Karachi / Sindh.

This will not be the first time, provinces have been divided, India came up with the plan of developing its areas around its biggest centres like Delhi, so that the city could have proper functioning.

Hostility towards Southern Sindh shows the inequity that we have in our policies, thought process and culture towards Karachi, it is an OPPORTUNITY for the people of Pakistan and its politicians to remove that inequity and SYSTEMIC BARRIERS.
Now to the NAME OF THE PROVINCE, personally I dont care what you name it. I have been marginalised for the last 64 yrs and I will be for the next 64 yrs to come. Many might not agree with it but its a fact, that there is SYSTEMIC RACISM, that have created hurdles for anyone who is not remotely fitting in with status quo.

I was born in Karachi, but I grew up in Middle East and North America, so EVEN if I will scream I am Pakistani for the next 64 yrs, I will be labelled so I dont give a rats ass about the name of the province.

But for Pakistan to PROGRESS and DEVELOP, and not just be busy in reducing racial tension lines, dont let people like MARVI MEMON, AYAZ PALIJI and ZULFIQAR MIRZA fool you. They were FEUDALS then, they are FEUDALS NOW, they dont think of the prosperity of the people. They have exploited the agrarian population of Sindh for their entire lives and they will do so in the future. If they had it their way, the whole Sindh would be working in brick klin as BONDED LABOUR.

If anyone has more questions, please let me know. I will be more than happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

With peace and prosperity,

In Solidarity,

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