Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update: Zaib's gang and more

Xaib's gang or whoever you are under your current name... Yes you.. I wrote a review of you promoting sexual violence and now you and your band members have the nerve to give me rape threats and then try to block my account on facebook... well sweetheart, it doesn't works that way... if you can't defend your actions, then you should keep your rapists mouth shut;

And here is the Youtube comment of harassment once again by "moizfreaks";

The door mats that you brought in on the you tube comment section and all those fuck-up retards who supported your misognist point of view, do not ill-validate my point that YOU, YOUR CREW & YOUR MUSIC is FUCKED UP.

I am not some regular Paki chick whom you thought that you could treat like shit and you could walk over and most prolly like most apathetic people of Pakistan, no one will care.

Let me tell you one more thing, you are not the first person who has given me death threats or rape threats, and as much as I want it you wont be the last one. And next time, if you or any of your crew members sent me rape threats... I won't report it to authorities. I will TAKE OFF your manhood and hang it for the whole WORLD to see, MOTHERFUCKER! You have messed with the wrong woman.

Here is the video again if anyone who missed the opportunity would like to see a brighter side to sexual violence esp when their video description says "A VIDEO ON HOW TO TREAT A GIRL WHO FLIRTS"

P.S. Oh one more thing, I have reported all of your members to FIA. If you don't believe me contact FIA Karachi or FIA Headquarters in Islamabad, they will let you know the nature of the complaints filed against you.

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