Saturday, December 22, 2012

Anti-Racism 101 for Abid Sher Ali

It is of no surprise to anyone that Pakistan is one of the most systemically and institutionally racist State. I know a lot of people nag about the systemic racism perpetuated by Saudi Arabia but I argue that what they do is nothing in comparison to what Pakistan does cos its a "republic". We all forget that its not just "Islamic" but its also "Republic" of Pakistan. We fail to realize that we are a civil society and such behavior is absolutely unacceptable especially when it comes from perpetuating everyday racism in a multi-cultural society.

Let me introduce you Abid Sher Ali, he is PMLN member from Punjab province and represents you in the national assembly as MNA in Pakistan. Its no surprise that people always project racist undertones while they speak in their everyday life but Abid Sher Ali is gold!

I mean Abid Sher Ali, definetley never learnt how to make political arguments objectively and cool headedly, so he had to stoop as low as being "racist" to de-ligitmize any opposition point.

Exhibit A: The gold arguments by Abid Sher Ali

Exhibit B:
In reply to my tweet, Abid Sher Ali wanted to make me "squeal like a pig"
Is this a crime to be a Bengali in the pure land of Punjab/Pakwatan/Pakistan, that dear plans to execute me for it or is that the only thing that Punjab has got to offer rest of the country i.e. people who are bigoted, racist and those who plan to extend the legacy of civil war of 1971 which cost a loss of province???

I am Pakistani of Bengali descent, my parents are Pakistani who were born in East Pakistan and my grand parents were from Calcutta who fought in independence of 1947 and then in civil war of 1971 and this is how we get paid back; with their legitimized racism.

And I DEMAND to know from this morally lose nation, what is wrong in being Bengali, speaking Bangla, living our lives, contributing to the economy and demanding equal rights cos we get de-ligitimized everywhere cos hey we dont own a province. And for heaven sake, not all Mahajirs are Bengalis, get your god damn facts straight!

Exhibit C: And when its not enough you are accused of being "parha likha" [educated] by a doormat who came to justify racism, unfortunately Fazia from PMLN [unfortunately whom many admire] Bibi ji, being "parha likha" might be a crime in your home village/town, its not a crime from where I come from.
You wanna know the history of Bengal, the first woman who graduated with honours in a subcontinent was Bengali, her name was Roquia Sakhawat Hussain. She was one of the biggest advocates for education of women and the biggest feminist in her time. You, dear racist, are a disgrace to women of Pakistan as you stood and supported racism and then had the audacity to tell me "parha likha" rhetoric.

Exhibit D: Anti Racism 101 for Abid Sheri Ali cos obviously he missed a few sessions on etiquette and manners while attending Parliament sessions.

Abid Sher Ali has the audacity to shower everyone with his racist attitude and when asked for accountability he will openly call out with threats like "I will make you squeal like a pig". So dear Abid Sher Ali, my RACIST MNA, I will look forward to all the threats that you might need to send my way through your supporters or your feudals or your doormats for women like Faiza.

You know whats wrong with Pakistan, everything is so pervasive that no one really cares that there is so much wrong with the state. You have pervasive level of sexism and gender violence that every day when women get raped, become survivors of domestic abuse, get thrown acid at, get forcibly converted and get legalised into a forcible marriage through Supreme Court, no one bloody cares, why?? Obviously cos it happens!!

Shit happens all the time so why the hell anyone needs to care at all. We, Pakistanis, just see things as headlines in their evening news, get outraged and go out in our lives cos obviously its not our responsibility to stand up against this bullshit. We live in our homes, pay our bills, do our own shit or dont care what goes on with people who work around us cos its not our problem!

NEWSFLASH: It is your god damn problem!! It is our collective problem cos when we dont call out people on their problematic behavior, it becomes pervasive. It becomes pervasive to the extent that it becomes invisible and part of the culture and we start defending it as part of our own identity.

You know what's the sad part, the sad part is that despite of all the lessons on sensitivity and lesson on sense of culture 101, all these feudal morons who think that they bought Pakistan with money, will be voted in all over again.

Hail Pakistan!


  1. Great job to expose these racist people.

  2. Abid Sher Ali is the biggest looser I have ever seen in my life.

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  4. Dear Ash ! Ignore Abid Sher Ali as he & like minded people are the worst sort of bigots in the whole universe & ready made arse holes. So you cannot have a healthy argument with them. Regarding his racism, what good can you expect from him when he even defamed people of my native Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He is a stray dog & we have a saying about them " Caravan of birds fly high in the sky whilst the dog just barks until it reaches it's destination & the dog just stops its bark". Result "Leave them barking".


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