Thursday, December 13, 2012

Get in line, I just called you out....

[This post is specifically dedicated to fans of Ali Gul Pir]

I honestly don't mind people disagreeing with me, you have your opinion, I have mine. If my opinion bothers you a lot just cos I am a woman then thats your issue not mine.

If my writing just hit your nerve and you saw it as "Femi-Nazi" thing, then most probably it was put forward to make you uncomfortable and hold your conscious responsible and maybe make you question your attitude.

My writing is usually targeted at opening doors to dialogue and have people converse on ideas which are not usually discussed openly, it might not be "adequate" for your social scene but themes are usually universal.

You might not agree with it and thats fine but under no circumstances, it means that I am inviting all the privileged male class to threat me with "raping" my body or living their rape fantasies. If giving out "rape threats" is the only way you can converse with a woman and prove your manhood and your argument, then boy, you need to grow cos your tiny wiener doesnt scares me. I am a grown woman not a 12yr old. And if defending myself makes you feel inferior and scared then you better be cos I dont give up. If all of this makes me a "sadist" and "sexist", then you havent met the bigger sadist than yours truly.

So what happened today, well as usual Pakistani mard hazrat [male population] have been quiet pissed off cos obviously their idiol [ Ali Gul Pir ] was asked for accountability. You need to understand no one disturbs the status quo of that society, whatever is set down, its written in stone, there is no critical dialogue or a democratic process around it.

If being a "woman", they find your voice to be a "bit too high" than what they are used to, then you are doomed to be ridiculed and made inferior with "suggestive rape scenes". This is pretty much what happened, I recieved a bunch of rape threats along with rape apologists condoning it behind "feminism" [I aint sure under which wave of feminism, did rape culture become OK]

I honestly dont know how they call themselves "Muslims", is that what Muslim males do, give out rape threats cos it seemed to be the most easier thing to do to make a woman shut up??? Or gather a bunch of other friends to talk on similar themes or support each other by giving "Atta Boy" on each other shoulder?? Is that all you stand for??

And when you call them out on having the behavior of "closeted rapist" or " rape apologist", then you are a "delusional feminist" or "Femi-Nazi" who hates men. Really??? Is that how things work in your world?

Is not standing against one of the most violent crimes that scars a person for the rest of eternity our ethical, social and moral duty?? Isnt it something that we are suppose to be standing together and fight something which is so pervasive in our society?? Shouldnt we be condemning it and being proactive about it rather than being reactive and go to the next protest??

Does it matters if its just some moron who thought he could jerk himself off by just stating just threats on the internet, should we not be challenging the thought process of what brought that person to such conclusion and think about what made him do that??

Or am I asking too much from a group of individuals who dont think anymore about anything??

I mean, I always see "desi" men telling their femme friends how they should be safe, how they should dress, how they should behave to "avoid" the "radar" of the "rapist", why the hell they never stand up and call some douchebag out on his fuckery? Why the hell do they prefer to be mere by standers and say "not my problem" but they are totally there to defend a bro who most probably have been "borderline problematic"??? Like Why??

Then they call themselves "Muslims", if these are the qualification of being a Muslim male of Islamic Republic of Pakistan then I am so glad that I a woman, a baydeen [Godless] woman, who can see things and who doesnt hides and who doesnt rationalises this whole cray.

I was mocked that "oh please go do write another blog", well you got your wish, I am writing another blog and hoping that you see reason and you gain conscious.

I am deeply disappointed in Tayyab Tanvir of Mango People Comics, who through the whole crazy scene proved to be one of the most "language privileged" rape apologist, I might have ever had the fortune of meeting. Well dude, you lost a loyal fan of yours cos as I mentioned earlier I work on principles. Rape apologists and I dont gel well...

I know I should had been like that its Pakistan that one should be expecting a "huge backlash" from the fans of Ali Gul Pir and trust me I was but what I wasnt expecting was getting multiple rape threats and then famous people like Mango People Comics' Tayaab Tanvir coming out and endorsing their rape apologia.

Then people ask why the hell Pakistan has such a "bad image" worldwide, well where humans dont behave like human beings, you cant really promote a soft image of such State.

Behold people, in a land where churches are burnt down and people get forcibly converted in the name of different religion, people have stooped as low to pass on rape threats to individuals who are front line workers and advocates of sexual violence and child sexual abuse.

Hail humanity!!

[If anyone wants to read more on the actual scene, they can click here for rape apologism debate and here for the rape threats by dear fans of Ali Gul Pir]


  1. im a feminist too aisha but reading all your previous comments i think you really need to get your brain re-functioned or your facts straighten out. i am not ali gul pir fan let me clear that out. I really wish people knew how to understand humor a little better, and allow themselves to laugh and be PLEASED by a joke instead of offended and upset. you are giving exactly what the trolls want. there is a difference between islamic feminism and secular feminism.

  2. I totally get where youre coming from, and its such a shame that societies now have to go through sexual harassment, and social hypocrisy towards it. Unfortunately, 70-80% of people in Pakistan are uneducated, whether they go to school or not. There is also a gigantic social class gap, so we have to keep that in mind. You cant expect men of such a society to come out and agree with women who take pleasure in 'showing off their bodies' and 'enticing' men into doing things 'women are obviously asking for'. It saddens me that humor is taking up disrespecting a woman, and its existance in society as a subject. Humor and freedom have and should have limits, there are things which are immoral and for good reason. I completely agree. But youre wrong in calling them Muslim men, or suggesting that being a Muslim has ANYTHING whatsoever to do with this behavior. They are animals, and should be treated like that and spoken to like that as well. Any man who is God fearing and genuinely believes in the Quran would die for a woman, not disrespect her and more so be a hypocrite about it, or worse, do it unashamedly and blatantly.

  3. An addendum to the post for readers, this is produced by Mango People Comics, a few hours ago; I thought you guys might enjoy it …


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