Sunday, December 30, 2012

Online Harassment: Hacker Culture

Dear Nerds,

Honestly after realizing the way you reacted to the blog of @Asher_Wolf on "Dear Hackers, We Need to talk", I am mortified and then I decided thats it time to give you a lesson in 101 Online Harassment, Anonymity etc etc.

I am not a hacker but I am a community organizer, I am Socio-Anarchist and I understand the way you guys work but not what you guys do.

Calling out sexism, misogyny and douchebaggery is common in main stream communities but it becomes more tedious when marginzalized communities are called out on their sexist, racist or any kind of oppressive attitude.

Someone tweeted;

Exhibit A:

NEWSFLASH: People in real world and in hacker world exist with their multiple identity aka multiple marginalisation, ignoring that is ignoring the fact that they exist, that their identities exists. You are also ignoring the fact that they have lived experiences of oppression and you are DENYING them of their identity and their existence.

SOLUTION: You wanna combat something in any community, talk about it, bring it up, dont shove it under the pretty carpet of "ALL HACKERS ARE ONE", that shit doesnt works, it hasnt worked and it will never work.

Exhibit B:

"Equity" is the WORD, not equality. We can NEVER be equal till we are equitable. Yes, hackers are anonymous and no one at large knows them but in a small community everyone knows everyone. Its a Fact. I have done grassroots organizing and I know how tiny community work esp who are doing progressive and ground breaking work. So recognizing something doesn't holds you back but it helps in addressing issues.

MY AGENDA: Oh yeah, I have an Amazonian agenda of world domination and giving all the morons a piece of my mind, thought you might never ask.

Ashe_Wolf has been doing some lovely work in terms of helping out women are facing gender violence and spreading their voice. Hackers community should be proud that there are people like her and not should penalise her for holding her own community accountable.

Exhibit C: Call out Harassers & Sexists

My question to you is that WHY NOT, any community whether Anonymous or otherwise should be safe for their marginalised members; women, disabled or racialised members of your community should not be in a position where they are made feel unsafe all the time. So are you saying that if there were hackers who were pedophiles or rapists or wife beaters, you will condone their actions just cos they are hackers??? This is absolutely ABSURD!! Thats a very ridiculous and irresponsible statement, people who are harassers should be shunned from each and every community

I firmly believe in naming and shaming people, this can be done as to highlight the incident and to highlight the person if necessary. Anarchy doesnt means fighting against the machine and being rowdy, it also means "order" in your ranks. If you are not going to be organized in a firm and strong manner you will never be able to impact people and utilise your full potential.

So here is my counter question to you; if you were in bar with your lady friend and you knew the guy she was talking too has mixed rouffies in her drink; would you let her know or not? Would you let others know or not that he is a dangerous man?

In another scenario, if there was a money laundering scheme going on by some big corporate; would you let the people know or not that they are being scammed?

I am trying to draw parallels here; so you can understand the seriousness of the situation. Online harassment is very vicious and common and its supposedly 40% more traumatizing than street harassment due to the nature of anonymity.

So here I am hoping that cryptoparty and hacker culture will take notice to harassment and sexism in their community and not ignore it because its "bros before hoes."

Ayesha aka aSh

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