Monday, December 31, 2012

Rape as weapon of ethnic cleansing

We have heard all about that how rape is used as weapon in mass scales war.

Exhibit A: 1971 War

More than 200,000 women were brutally raped in 1971 war in East Pakistan presently Bangladesh to silent all the voices that were being raised against the government of Pakistan with the use of Pakistani military. You can read every year how Pakistanis wail about their POWs and how their army had to surrender but they will never talk about the horrendous acts they committed cos after all its a part of the job.

Let me introduce you how rape is perpetuated in democratic societies; they are used as a weapon against marginalized communities where the rest of society either stays quiet or turns a blind eye to it cos its not something in their backyard.

Exhibit B: Sindh

National shame for Pakistan where rapists are never brought to justice and where every plea of survivor demanding justice turns into another "agenda" of "western agents" and rival political party. The land of pure where clergy takes prides in being "Muslim" and honouring the "word of God" scratch that "Allah", sexual violence is just of meager value to them.

You speak about rape of Muslim women; they start dragging the character and take the shift away from rapists. You speak of rape of Hindu women and none of the clergy speaks up cos their racism is at play here. After all, a Hindu in Pakistan only has "freedom to practice their religion" just on the constitutional paper that no one cares for. If you are Sindhi, from rural Sindh, a poor person and a Hindu, then everything gets played against you cos Pakistan doesn't cares for anything which is not "sexy" enough to be portrayed in TV. You are pretty much the scum of the earth and even if you protest massively, it will not be covered by any mainstream media cos the news is not "cool enough"

Massive protests in Umerkot on Dec 7th, 13th 18th and 19th, 2012
In Thari translated; Provide justice for my sister, V.
And if there is a law minister involved [Ayaz Soomro] who is protecting the rapists because rapists are political workers [PPP & PML-F], then you are totally doomed. It is apparenly their feudal and political right to oppress the people of Sindh, and pseudo liberals wont say anything after all its against the spirit of democracy [Here, I thought democracy was all about voice of the people and accountability towards them.] Calling out rapists and demanding justice is defamation of "democracy" and supposedly people of Sindh have political "agenda". For democracy, our pseudo liberals forget that people have a right to hold every leading political party accountable. For feudals, its an easy access to exploit women and then justify it by sending pseudo liberals to be their minion doormats. Obviously they own the lands and everything that comes with it, including women and children

In 2010, Asian Human Rights Commission said that some 20-25 Hindu women are forcibly converted and sexually assaulted every month. Though Sindhi news media is very effective in reporting but Urdu and English news media doesn't cares for any of this, cos of all the above reasons, and ofcourse its cool to talk abt what is happening in Egypt and Syria and especially India in terms of rapes rather than what is happening to ethnic minorities aka Sindhi Hindus in Pakistan.

Exhibit C: Umerkot Rapes

Umerkot rapes are not the first of their kind, Sindhi Hindus have been targeted with sexual violence for quiet sometime now, Kasturi Kohli, Rinkle Kumari, Dr. Asha Lata, Vijanti, Hakeema are very few names to the story where PPP's members like Sharjeel Memon, Sharmila Farooqui, Mian Mithoo, Ayaz Soomro have systemically silenced them. Yet, the audacity of PPP and its rape apologists to talk about women rights. Kindly get rid of rapists & rape apologists from you rank first.

SSP Umerkot, Riaz Soomro, brother of Ayaz Soomro, law minister, is actively denying justice to the survivors by not doing his job. Reliable sources have mentioned that they have been given strict orders not to pursue the case and delay it as much as possible.

As of now, Umerkot rape survivors are facing terrible level of difficulties perpetuated systemically, they havent been able to get proper treatment for their sexual assaults, both girls are in local hospitals and their family are being denied justice everyday.

But hey, who cares, they are (6 &14) yr old Hindu girls from rural Sindh, whose childhood and humanity was taken away from them. And then our Pakistani pseudo elites and interior minister Rehman Malik act all surprised when there is mass Hindu migration from Sindh.

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