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Honey Singh: Propagating violence through music

The musician with rapey lyrics who was shut down in India is being welcomed by Pakistan, some 700 idiots are also planning to go to his concert, can someone plz tell the organisers to have some God damn shame.

Honey Singh is Punjabi rapper, music producer and singer. Recently I came to know that there are a few organisers who are inviting them to their Valentine's party in Islamabad. Upon being disturbed by the news, I contacted the organisers on their facebook page and this is the pathetic response that I recieved from them;

"Please, chill out. Just enjoy the music. People love him, we give him to them. Hes not gonna be raping anyone. And people in Pakistan who are into rapping, they will rape with or without the music." This was response of Sarah Tanveer who is managing director with Pakistan Party Scene.

I am so outraged at this moment. I have seen quiet a few insensitive rape apologists and violence promoting doormats' in my advocacy work but never have I come across people who literally justify violence so blatantly in the name of music. I demand from these people DO WE NOT have any god damn social responsibility that we NEED to celebrate WOMEN BEATING & RAPING music? Are we that low that everything is all a money making business? What happened to categories of ethics and morals that Pakistan claims about or are such ideals just kept to keep women in check and let men run loose like wild beings?

“These pornographic lyrics are unacceptable and it is because of women hating sentiments like these that men think that it's fine to do what they did on that bus, that December night in Delhi. Let's put a stop to these subversive lyrics that infiltrate the minds of people who don't know better and who then justify to themselves the rightness of a crime that harms another human being, sometimes so severely that they lose their lives", NDTV published in one of its reports after consecutive 2 FIR's from different organisations were filed against Honey Singh for his songs “choot” and “Main Balatkari” translated as “I am Rapist” which explicitly talks about how the singer wants to sexually assault a woman in different ways.

Lyrics from one of his songs “Choot” which roughly translates into “Pussy”;

“Come, I'll f*** you,
Exorcise you of the ghost of getting f*****,
After f****** you, I'll hit you with a shoe,
I'd put my d*** in your mouth, and then p*** on you”

This is not just about his violent and pornographic lyrics of his music but this is complete hate speech against women. If anyone wants to ban something, they should be banning all such music which promote violence against women.

“I feel bad that people are actually looking forward to this.Indian people are still better for forcing them to drop Honey Singh as a performer at a hotel. We are so hell bent on getting good names to perform that we will go to any lengths to justify it,”Shoaib Taimur from Pakistan responded.

On expressing my anger on “Everday Sexism Project-UK”, Swati Nair from Delhi responded, “I have SEEN the smirks on people's faces when they sing along. I have SEEN the glint in their eyes when they say certain words. That is disturbing. As hell.”

This low life is not just disgrace to the art of music but he is also a sorry excuse and bad representation of men. I will come on streets if he performs. This isn't just insult towards the celebrated, esteemed women of our country, this is a slap across the entire population of women all over the world.

The singer himself hasn't apologized for his disgusting lyrics instead he has been reported saying, “I am victim of a smear campaign launched by his rivals to finish off his rising career as India's foremost live entertainer.” Indian government has asked the youtube to take the videos and its music whereas Youtube has said no to their demand.

A 23yr old was brutally raped and died in Delhi, around 8 kids have been reported gang raped in Pakistan in last 4 weeks. According to War Against Rape [WAR] around 60-70% cases of sexual violence are not even in reported in Pakistan due to the sentiment that its not a big deal. For heaven sake, stop it! Sexual violence is not a funny thing, it shouldn’t be sung or glorified. At least people in India have come out and openly condemn it rather than others who are supporting him and being apologists for it.
Someone really wants to protest something good, please protest this garbage which people consider music.
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  1. It's like saying SRK/Amir/Salman/Bollywood is propagating eve teasing. Here is a song from [Dil]( Think about it you pseudo intellectuals.

  2. The song that you have referred to has been there for ages now. All of a sudden why this hue and cry? He is a entertainer and it is perfectly alright if you don't like his songs, but put forth a stupid judgement of blaming him for the very unfortunate event in Delhi.

  3. No one is blaming honey singh for singing lewd songs, with pornographic lyrics, which are highly degrading to women, he is just being blamed for highlighting the opinion he and majority of the men, not just in India or Pakistan, have about women!

    The very fact that your name is 'bakchod' highlights that you have either no knowledge of what that means, or you are just too stupid to realise!!!

    And if entertainment meant "ill put my d*** in your mouth and urinate there" then why have governments banned pornography, dance bars, prostitution and trade of human flesh! If men believe it is right to talk like this, then something needs to be done! They need to be told that lewd lyrics would be banned, and perpetrators of crimes against women would be castrated!!!

    So next time you call people pseudo intellectuals, imagine your sister walking down the road and a bunch of guys on a bike singing "main hun balatkari" behind her!!!

    What you believe in, you eventually become. So start believing in the right things!


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