Friday, January 11, 2013

Serial Rapist: Ali Hajjano - White Corolla Case

A few days I got an email from one of my reader, Atiq Rehman, and lets see what he has to say;

"I am wondering if you've heard of Ali Hajiano? He is the guy who admitted to raping over 50 women on camera and was shown doing so on air. His accomplice confessed on air too and added that they'd also murdered a transvestite. Aaj TV [local news channel in Pakistan] carried his video. He wasnt caught on charges of rapes directly but he got caught after firing at the police. 

Thanks to his well-connected & influential feudal father, he is still not convicted. 

Sound unbelievable, no? Go right ahead and google him. I am surprised that women especially female politicians and media people haven't bothered to express any outrage or follow up on the case. 

I take it personally because he tried to rape my wife too. We were lucky, we escaped because we resisted. But think about it, more than 50 women raped by this bastard and he's still grinning.

The case became really high profiled at one time that even his father admitted to being a part of the acts, you can read some of the official report here. The reason they were called White Corolla Case as he would abduct women in rent a car corollas.

I am just bringing his case to notice as it would be good because lots of people dont know or have forgotten about it and there are corrupt judges who are letting him off the hook one case at a time
They let the case drag on till the heat dies down and now they're going easy on him."

I was honestly pretty shocked that there have been serial rapists who have admitted to more than 50 rapes and yet the courts in Pakistan wouldnt convict them of their crimes cos obviously justice system is for sale for the rich and powerful of the country.

If people want to read about Atiq's and his wife personal account of encountering with that serial rapist, they can do so here.

Rape is an endemic and the way people in Pakistan refuse to talk about the issue and address the problem only adds to the problem. Our justice system doesn't makes anything easier for the survivors by letting such rapists run lose and this only displays a wider systemic problem of why people refuse to report such crimes. I mean why would you risk yourself when you know that the legal system in Pakistan will not provide you justice at any cost.

Our Pakistani awam is busy at pointing fingers towards India of how they refuse to address rape culture, well lets have a check for ourselves where we even refuse to talk about it. At least, they are standing up, they are challenging their system, what have we done so far, apart from being rape apologist??

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  1. This Rapist should be hanged to death. And should be given the punishement which should be the worst example of torture.He should be beheaded in the public. Animals like him dont deserve to live.He is such a bastard.Even his father should be imprisoned who is figthing for this animal ispite knowing how he destroyed so many lives.


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