Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Stories of Courage: Shouting Back

Here I was tweeting away on Tuesday evening, after a ridiculously long first day at the lab after school break. I am currently undertaking my honours thesis and its a shit load of work.

I was really excited to find that "Everyday Sexism" project "Shouting Back" where people were writing about personal stories of street harassment by numerous men at more than alarming situations in their life.

It was a mixed moment for me personally, I was able to read people who were sharing their intitmate stories of abuse and on other hand it was empowering as well, cos its not just me who has faced harassment and who grew up with cultural values of putting up a straight face and never talking about anything.

I shared a few tweets of mine too and then it started the whole conundrum of bullshit from males and unfortunately Muslim males [yeah how many times my males live up to their stereotypes and then they complained of being stereotyped.. le sigh]

"ill mannered" WTF is that suppose to mean, so if someone showed off a bit off skin, does tht mean they deserve harassment :X

Apparently men consciousness is attached to their penis which is correlated to dress of woman which justifies sexual harassment.
 And my mind just completed was blown in all proportions when I recieved this garbage
I am advocating for a kid who is 6yr old & who was gang raped #UmerkotRapes & the douchebag aka Suleiman have audacity to ask me who can be "easily" raped.

Are u kidding me?? DO I look like a rapist like yourself who knows which person is easier to rape, or who has analysed all the dynamics of violating someone.. Motherfuckers!! Do these morons ever think what the fuck are they saying, fucking rape apologists.

But this blog is not about those fucking assholes; this is about what these women;

There were people who came out and presented their very personal stories like
But the most amazing part was these people who came out and called out these two assholes; the amazing massive support...

It was only possible because we had the forum of "Everyday Sexism Project" and most people were following the hashtag of #ShoutingBack to see the horrific nonsense.

I just wanna say this;

Dear men, kindly be done with your douchebaggery, its 2013, STOP arguments of who is more rapeable, STOP harassment & apologia, just stop making excuses of religion, culture and all your bullshit.

Oh and last but not the least, you should start veiling yourself and covering yourself up properly before you come up and justify your harassment or rapist tendencies

Thanking all these lovely womyn,

Raquel Evita
Nasra Mohammad
Ismail Memon
Tycha Brahae
Mean Kitteh2
Meredith Heron
Ms. Entropy
Marie Knightley
Meghumi Hoshino
Rehab Alnemr
Nathanial B
Idles of March
Innes Pryor
Usman Rana
Holy Ann

and obviously team of Everyday Sexism Project

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