Sunday, January 27, 2013

Umerkot: Forced Conversion & Kidnappings

                                  Courtsey to Adarash NGO at Mirpur Khas Press Club, Sindh

These pictures were taken today after police has been refusing to cooperate on recent abduction and forced conversion of a married Hindu woman from Umerkot, along with her 6 mth old daughter. These protests have been going on for the past 3 days and none of the mainstream media has caught up with the news.

This will be another major event in the series of sexual assault of minors last month in Umerkot by political workers who were able to silence the families and forced them to drop their respective cases against the perpetrators.

Original news report, its in Sindhi:

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  1. such hilarious cases happen often in Pakistan. Minorities have to pay the cost of an unbroken glass more then 85% inter-faith marriages are forceful conversations from hindu to muslim or from christian to muslim. This is confused nation they call Ideology of Pakistan was Islam but thats not true Mr. Jinnah's dream was to make Pakistan a peaceful refuge for all nations not just for muslims and now they have made Pakistan's Ideology is Islam that has brought religious intolerance and extremism. God bless Pakistan


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