Friday, January 18, 2013

Vijanti: Let me cry for you

Another sad day for justice system in Pakistan, I got this from my field partners' this morning

"About Vijanti's case, the victim party went in compromise with accused and got compensation by them.

Although the sections in FIR are non-compoundable offence, but they made out of court it. The victim party may not appear in the court at any stage.... however regarding persons arrested in the case may face trail till court decide with weak evidences.

Almost 90% cases are hide by parents and dont want to disclose, because they feel it is against honour and they face shamful in community especially in girl child case and here life onward....

Those cases reported with Police or in media only 5% got justice and accused sentenced by the court, the judgements in CSA cases are Life imprisonment and death sentences....

The 95% registered cases went in compromise with accused, the reason for compromise is local customs, pressure and life threat by accused party, non-cooperation by Police department and slow proceedings in the court, every time they get next hearing date.....

The compromise compensation starts from PKR 20,000 ($200) to PKR 150,000 (~$1000).... the other local custom called that "rape apologize", accompanied with group of community members inculuding female and other relatives to forgive them.... it is called (Minth Meer Kaflo), if they denied to refuse (Minth meer kaflo) they face social boycot by the family persons they came for settelment of the issue."

Nadia Gabol [MP] and Sharmila Faroqui [MP] were sent to the survivor's family to negotiate with them. Sharmila Faroqui is extremely famous from Nagarparkar 2010 gang rape case of Kasturi Kohli from Sindh where she pressurised the family to drop the charges against their daughters' rapist. History has repeated itself and once again she was sent to Vijanti's family to suppress them, in which obviously she succeeded.

So this is it? Thats the long and short of everything and anything. A 6yr old's pain was silenced but we are too busy in taking care of political affiliations and subsequent correctness.

Lets not forget that next time a child will be sexually assaulted, any rapist in town can throw in $200- $1000 as a compensation of the damage and be off the hook cos this is what we have turned our country into. The nation which is too busy in speaking of being God fearing people with religious and cultural values will have pin drop silence on such atrocities.

After all people are not people anymore and this is the worth of rape survivor in Pakistan, her pain will never be legally recognized cos after all its "paid sex" and that money talks and rapist walks and then gets protected in Pakistan.

But lets stay in our comforted bubble, lets not challenge the norms we have constructed and lets not forget to be apologist for elitest selves cos thats all we seem to be really good at in this country.

I dont expect from poor Pakistanis whose lives are a daily struggle of survival in the land of pure but I question elite "feminists" and their "pseudo liberal" rape apologists who consider leading government to be ambassadors of pseudo democracy. Will they realise that they havent done their part and that they are complicit in silencing of poor marginalised communities of Pakistan? Is this how this is going to work, that we won't speak up on injustices like feudalism till an elite like Shahzeb Khan is dead and we wouldnt speak up on genocides of Shite till one of the martyred is a celeb? If that is the pattern, is Pakistan waiting for the rape of an elite showbiz superstar to be finally speaking up on it??

Speech at local protest in Umerkot for Vijanti from December 12th 2012 or

I failed to help this girl and it wasnt cos my efforts were not enough, it was because the pseudo liberals of this country created every hurdle they could to suppress the voice of that child cos its easier to point fingers across the border rather than deal with our own in-competencies. After all holding political parties accountable in Pakistan is threatening their pseudo democracies where they protect rapists legally and politically by sending law ministers like Ayaz Soomro in this case.

So Vijanti, let me cry for you cos I know no one will do it. Forgive me cos my efforts were not enough for you. Let me shed those tears that no one was there to wipe for you. Let me mourn this injustice and pain amongst people who will forget you and never recognize you.

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