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Bollywood Movies & Rape Culture: Why am I rising?

Lovely readers, today's guest post is in honour of "One Billion Rising" and by Maya Sharma.

She is Indo-Canuck based in Montreal. She describes herself as crusader for truth & justice and is severely intolerant of rapists, rape apologists & Mullahs of all religions. If you want to drop by and say hi, you can reach her on twitter @mayanchocolate0


Bollywood: responsible for increase of rape in the subcontinent, needs to be held accountable for the message it sends to its audiences in the form of misogyny it churns out in the name of entertainment and art.

Ladies and gentlemen this is entertainment!

Bollywood's saving grace always has been it's songs. Other than that they have been using the oldest story in the world. A girl and a boy fall in love and that is the the sole purpose of their existence.
Bollywood may not be the only nanga in this hamam but it is responsible considering it has a huge platform. It's rape culture is not new. It has always stereotyped women and has been instrumental in promoting the rape, subjugation of women and misogyny. I, for one, can not think of almost any movie that was made in 70's,80's & 90's that did not have a rape scene or didn't promote street harassment. Still this is used as a tried and tested funda in movies. The bad guy is the rapist and the hero was the good guy who woos the heroine by stalking her and pestering her. Bollywood perpetuates this myth that women are coy and like to be stalked and are flattered with these advances. As per Bollywood the only way one can get laid if he can sing and dance around trees, in the middle of a road and stalking the girl and not take no for an answer.

Can Bollywood get real ? Can it promote a message of respecting women to our mard hazrat who think they are Kam Dev's (God of Lust) gift to women. Ladki phasana patana (seducing women) bollywood cashes on impressionable teens who have been told to feel guilty about sex and their bodies.

It seems parents ka only role is calendar chaapna and that's it folks. They do not engage their children in talking about healthy and safe sex but shirk away from this responsibility. So what do raging hormones do? They rely on bollywood for love, sex and romance advice.

Anyone who has watched bollywood movies can not deny the fact that street harassment is glorified in these movies. Comments like

"kya item hai",
"kya dikhti hai" ,
"aye chamiya chal chal"

are common dialogues that can be heard on the streets. Eve teasing, stalking, lewd comments, groping, "accidental " touching, cat calls, whistling is too common in trains, buses, bus stops, schools, malls everywhere.

Our society pays lip service and moves on. No one talks with clarity on this subject. If anything families recommend their daughters walk away, ignore instead of servicing these assholes with their chappals [shoes]. 

Is that the only subject bollywood has? No matter where you go there is a roadside romeo claiming that he can rock your world. This sick kind of "love" that is promoted leave mental and physical scars on women. It is not enough that she has to put up with these people but has to explain to other men in her life (father & brother) why are boys stalking her. What did she do to encourage them ? Character assassination just because she is a girl. How many times have we heard or read the news of street harassment leading to murder or throwing acid in the girl's face. Are we just going to perpetuate "all goes" attitude?. Since when is street harassment, sexual innuendos, domestic violence and rape entertainment? People are getting the wrong message and bollywood needs to stop.

The very beautiful and very talented Rani Mukherjee gets beaten by her pati parmeshwar (husband) while she is pregnant. She cries and leaves the house. He cools down, seeks forgiveness, she breaks into a song, goes home with him and opens her legs. I can understand make up sex after an explosive argument, cooling off, resolving the issue like adults and make up sex but a getting beaten to a pulp and then singing a song glorifying his anger is nothing but being reduced to the doormat status. Manipulation sex is not consensual but it is rape!

Item songs that make us bobble our head to their catchy tunes are nothing but young toothpicks running around in glittering mini skirts heaving their chests and thrusting their pelvises towards these a 40 year old "star" show nothing but sexual frustration of our society.

Bollywood seems to be only interested in raking in crores by getting so called "star" actresses to shed their clothes and calling them Sheila, Munni, Jalebi bai etc. This is chawanni chaap entertainment for dawanni chaap audiences. Less clothes and shaking booty is what is considered modern by bollywood.

Now bollywood apologists defend it and say it has become bold in terms of sex scenes because the public wants it. It merely is reflecting the society. This argument does not carry any weight. Now I do not have outdoor plumbing for genitalia but can someone who owns one explain to me how hard can a dick get ? How much misogyny does bollywood need to serve just to keep the dick hard ? Choli ke peeche to Karishma dancing on sexy sexy and other David Dhawan type masala, to sheila, to munni to jalebi bay and now this fevicol song.

Is that all a woman is to bollywood ? A commodity , a doormat and a device to keep a 2 inch dick hard ? She was bandini pia ki yesterday and today she is merely reduced to an orifice. When will bollywood explore other avenues ? Just a designer sari and latka jhatka and that's it folks ! Is bollywood not providing enough crap that we also have to be assaulted by TV's non stop breaking news about these "stars" personal lives ? These self proclaimed stars are one eyed kings in a blind kingdom. What they eat ? What they wore and who they fuck ? The entire nation has to stop with these star weddings, child birth and other useless shit that they do.

Should we not be concerned that street harassment and rapes are on the increase rather than decrease. Should we not be concerned that 3 - 4 yr old are up for sale? The numbers are discouraging. What about the unreported rapes and rapes within family where the victims are told to hush in the name of family prestige and honour. The rapist / molester gets away with it and has no shame in becoming a repeat offender. Often we hear men are pigs and it is a woman's responsibility to protect her self. One can achieve this by wearing modest clothes, not going out alone, not going out at all at night and by throwing herself at the mercy of rapist and call him Bhaiya. Is this really what we want to tell our daughters ? That we are impotent when it comes to punishing rapists ? More than bollywood it is the fault of parents who fail to engage their children, fail to teach them about dating and healthy sex life and how to take no for an answer. Calendar chaap diya and responsibility khatam ? This chalta hai attitude needs to stop as the price is too huge. Society has reduced the status of women to joke using guilt. Women get subjugated in the name of honor, religion and tradition.

The word westernized & modern is thrown around a lot by our older generation and almost all the time their definition of modern means wearing small clothes. No doubt our self proclaimed God men and the thekedaars (moral brigades) of our society get away with blaming the victim. Lip service is paid to suffering of the victim. She is called abhagin, kal munhi, and told that she is damaged goods. She is forced to marry the rapist as no self respecting man would marry her. She is forced to kill herself because this happened to her. Lakshman rekha only applies to women not to men. Any dhongi gets elevated to the baba hood and shoots his mouth off and then sends women follower to defend him ? Govt needs to take a stern stance against these babas and not let them get away it. Same applies on politicians who make these statements and expect women to vote for them.

If you are a parent please stop calling your daughter paraya dhan who should not wear a skirt . Do not give into duniya kya kahegi. Duniya kuch na kuch kahegi cos it has nothing better to do and just because duniya doesn't know how/when to stfu does not mean my daughter should suffer and not get a chance to explore her life. Bowing to the twisted sense of morality and nodding in agreement with rape apologists means you have failed as a parent. Teach right values to your son. Parents should not feel shy talking to their children about love, romance and sex. Men need to learn NO means NO. Even if Poonam Pandey is sitting naked on your lap and says no to sex it means NO.

Most of my white friends have asked me time and time again why are brown men so perverted ? Now I know for a fact that they do not mean all brown men but the ones who can not stop staring and glaring cos a girl is a wearing shorts. I have no choice but to defend the respectable brown men and then hang my head in shame because some of them think white women are easy because they wear short clothes and go clubbing. Mr. Bharat himself when he made Purab aur Pashchim showed how white women were loose just because they were wearing small clothes compared to traditional sati savitri who lived in India and was a clad in a sari. Is that what Sati Savitri really is ? A woman wearing modest clothing and letting men decide her fate till the day she dies ?

I have travelled in CTU rush hour bus most of my adulthood. Several hands rob you off your dignity because you make a mistake of taking the bus. It's getting dark and you need to get home. How many rakhis does one travel with? I'd like this bapu to answer me what should a victim call the baap who raped her ? What should she call the pati parmeshwar who rapes her ? Should he be tied a rakhi ? Or she should accept the fate that she does not have the option to say no ?

Bollywood should make a movie about street harassment and show the role of media. They might do it if they can get Katrinas and Kareenas ( modern women) to wear just a fig leave, ride the bus and get all their orifices filled up with these 2 inch willies who think they are big dicks !

Asaram "Bapu" & the kumaris who worship him can get an item song " Told you so".
We are to blame because our culture has been reduced to Main to tanduri murgi hoon yaar , Gatkale saiyan alcohol se oh yeah.

Get real please ! Our society can not afford to devolve any further and get manipulated by religion, tradition and patriarchy. Name and shame child molesters within family, rapists and rape apologists. Evolution is the only way out.


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  3. I just have one qn.. When Munni/Shiela n all that came along, The media was full of how they "represent the confident liberated Indian woman of the 21st century" (whatever that means).. But after delhi the same outlet calls the same song misogynic n patriarchal?! Talk about going with the flow..! Hypocrisy at its best!

  4. I will see if I can get the author to answer all your queries.

  5. You are right.Hypocrisy at it's best.Item songs liberate women, they are the best way to degrade women. I am guilty of bobbing my head to these numbers fully aware of the lyrics. Nothing but misogyny served as a catchy tune.Women are still being blamed for the birth of female child & are forced to abort the fetus,have to go through "dekh-dikhai " to dowry hungry / superficial assholes for marriage. Women are degraded left, right and center. India has miles to go in terms of women lib.
    Indian media is nothing but a bunch of degree holding clowns..too busy blowing smoke up their own asses. Calling women Sheila,Munni, Jalebi Bai is not liberating or empowering them it's degrading them further. Bollywood is no help at all in liberating women. None whatsoever.


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