Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Day Dilemmas

The only day when you feel betrayed by your guy friends: Valentine's Day

The reason I say that as the number of random messages, "Will you be my Valentine?" increase like 5x times the usual amount of nonsense, and Valentine's Day is the only day where most of my "new" buddies/acquaintances think that its OK to send messages.

That is totally fine and I am flattered by the fact and I am cool about it. Its just surprising that all of them miss you out of nowhere just cos you are single. They end up asking you out just cos you are single and here I thought we were all cool.. lol... its kinda very disappointing.

The problem arises when you joke about it and you turn in down, some of the usual response which arise from the matter;

"Ermmm... well.. who else will ask you out?"

Oh my, ash sadqay ash wari, ash ko tou kisi ne aj tak poocha hi nai -.- And here I was just waiting for you cos my whole life revolves around you, didnt you know that, my prince darling -.-

"You are so mature, man -.-"

I apologize that your cheesy one-liners failed on me lol

"Yeah, I texted my ex, she didnt reply so what are you doing tomorrow?"

I will be dancing in a bar with my lesbian girlfriends and you can just keep imagining all the great possibilities lol

"You know how a woman can get her man. If she is not hard to get, its not a chase enough for us."

Oh kiddo, you have got it so wrong but then I know a lot of doormats who play the game and then get played later :)

"Well you know you are leftist and you are "HAWT"!"

And then there is a commie lot, dude you know I can introduce you to drop dead gorgeous women who are leftist and who are really "HAWT" -.-

"I wish you were here, you know...."

Oh you wanted to be my Valentine, how convenient is that we dont even live in the same hemisphere... lol

I recognize the fact that I am not a porcelain doll diva cos honestly I dont need to be and thats a fact. People huddle around me even for my "jhalli" self, so I never needed to be anything other than what I am.

I am sure such responses are said as a joke and thats how men are and all the usual nonsense of "boys will be boys" but in my personal experience, it just shows that how people in their true moments view other people.

I am not saying these people are 100% douchebags, they are not cos no one is 100% evil. We all have our own scale of sleaziness which we observe and to which we are normalised to and something which we observe. I just dont have much patience with it.

I do let them know I am not into them in my own way but its kinda disappointing tht people you thought you were cool with, their ultimate goal was to get in your pants. I am a skeptic and I prefer it that way.

I know I am an angry head strong person who is seen as a challenge to be taken down and trust me when I say numerous people try it. Some try it with their douchebaggery and nasty ways while others try it with "love" cos at the end of the day, the point is to score. Its unfortunate and its true.

And as my girls say, I am a douchebag magnet... lol... so till the situation is rectified, I dont mind being a "tease", "heartbreaker" or "Femi-Nazi" that I am popularly named cos two can play that game ;)

Happy Valentines' Day!

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