Friday, April 26, 2013

Christie Blatchford says....

The game is inspired from the nonsense that Blatchford utters every now and then so that she can define herself as a "columnist", "thinker", "writer" and have so many titles that she is absolutely a disgrace to all of them.

So I am going to render my thoughts and I invite everyone to give their spin to opinion too

Christie Blatchford says, "There are two sides to the story"
I say, "No Blatchford, there is only one side to the story i.e. victim's side. Even if there were two side of the story, you and the prepetrators, you stood up for are assholes on both sides."


Christie Blatchford says, "She was flirtatious and egging on the BOYS" [aka asking for it] aka [boys will be boys]
I say, "Consent 101: just cos someone flirted with someone, it didnt mean they owe them any sexual favors.

Imagine the amount of flirting I do, if everyone was following the logic of Blatchford, I would be considered rape-able material >_>

Christie Blatchford says, "The evidence is all over the map”
I say, “Being forensic science graduate, I can give you a crash course in investigation 101, no investigation/ crime scene is clean, cut and organised from what you see in your CSI shows. All the evidence is all over the place. So shut the hell up on the subject matter that you dont have any knowledge of.”

Christie Blathcford says,
"The picture is not even recognizable”
I say, “Do you know what the hell is child pornography? Do you know the number of child porn which is circulated is hosted on the internet and which is non-recognizable.


Christie Blathcford says, "There will never be a case against alleged rapists of Rehtaeh ParsonsI say, “There is a case and there might have been a stronger case if our RCMP-Nova Scotia conducted the investigation immediately rather than 10months later. There would be a stronger case if all the perpetrators were interviewed separately rather than collectively [Police Investigation 101]. There would be a stronger case if there were not that many by standers aka the school, classmates, and people in the community in general."


There would be a stronger case if RCMP knew how to maintain law and order in the community. There would be a stronger case if no one felt "bad"
for the boys so that they wouldn't have balls to deny rape and pass it off as no big deal.

Only if you and your colleagues knew how to carry out investigative journalism and not hide all the statements and facts that you conveniently ignored. For example,

where was Blatchford and her team of rape apologists when counter protest of rapist support took place? where were they when the "alleged" rapist family was praising their "boys" on facebook of their actions? where was National Post when claims were made that child porn was oh-not-so big deal
and now they are talking about perspective and "facts"?!?

So here is all I have to say to you and your colleagues at National Post defending you
P.S. Yes we are all internet vigilantes, better than being print media rape apologists anyway!


  1. The "version" she has presented from unverified sources (probably Latisha, who will not admit to whether or not she was at the party though another account does not place her there) does not match the statements of the accused.

    They admitted Rehteah was so drunk she couldn't make it to the window on here own and was not aware she was being photographed despite them talking about it. Though I have not seen it, there is apparently one that even admits she passed out.

    Her analysis of the child pornography is so broken it is baffling. They specifically shared it to destroy a girls life and ruin her emotionally. They did this with full intent to sexually victimize Rehtaeh. This was a premeditated act and vicious beyond belief. They told everyone who was in that picture. They created it and distributed it and have also admitted to this. Publicly.

    She omitted many highly important details, most notably that some of the accused and their friends are alleged to have pepper sprayed three of Rehtaeh's friends and knifed one of them after taunting them about her. She ignores other reports of their acts of intimidation. She ignores that friends of the accused harassed Retaeh sexually. They attacked her incessantly through others. They made it happen. Even Latisha, who we all know is the sister of one of them (no bias there) admitted the psychological abuse which was clearly intentional.

    Now that it has come out that one of them is accused of having at least one prior victim of sexual assault and when we look at all the other details of the case, mainly from the accused themselves, is it so hard to believe that they are lying? Their actions since that night has revealed much of their character and what their state of mind was that night.

    Christie Blatchford is not acting remotely like a responsible journalist. She is propogating hearsay and intentional misinformation. She is exploiting the death of a child who was driven to mental illness through sadistic psychological abuse to the point of suicidal depression that took her life.

    She focuses on the allegations of rape and the broken investigation and misses the most important crime that was committed here. The intentional harm and promotion of harm that took the life of a child. Neurological trauma is often far worse than physical one and in this case and many others it is lethal. It was not bullying. It was murder.

  2. You really need to work on your spelling and grammar.

    1. Most prolly I do.. though I kinda dont care about it


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