Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hall of Shame: Rape Apologists of Rehtaeh

In Globe & Mail, an article was published few days ago by Denise Balkinsoon titled, "We can prevent another Rehtaeh Parson's case: Talk of rape culture will not help". That article literally made my blood boil especially the way it denied people's experience with deep rooted issues that how rape apologia is pervasive in society.

I am not sure if Balkinsoon lives in a perfect world where such things dont exist and everything is just but unfortunately rape culture exists for the rest of us.

Exhibit A:

We have a protestor here holding the sign , "She wasn't raped" at the counter protest demo in Halifax
[ The person who took this picture was harassed and was threatened with physical violence ]
for Rehtaeh Parsons. I dont know what it is for everyone else but this is a very huge symbol of "rape culture". This person died of merciless bullying and harassment and there are people who have the audacity to deligitimize her pain, suffering and reason for her death. The person holding the sign is a member of Cole Harbor community named Jared Taylor aka rape apologist.

Its really sad to see that young boys are filled with so much garbage and they follow "Bro Code" rather than their own conscience. 

Exhibit B: Meet the "adult" who doesnt understands the meaning of child pornography and basic consent
You can check out her facebook page here

If anyone wants to see the kind of garbage that Rehtaeh faced while she was alive, you can check it out here [a list of individuals seen slandering Rehtaeh online], not limited to Amber-Rose Matthews, Big-D Neish, Danny Basque, Kaleigh Ellis etc.

After people started raging against them on social media, we witnessed people took down their facebook accounts; or have a complete makeover of it so that no one could find them. There are some of them who have completely turned off all of their public updates after their screenshots went up in different media forum.

You know the most ironic part of the whole thing, these people literally have no shame. They really felt that they are untouchable and they could get away with anything without any kind of consequence. They are not scared or even shameful of their actions, they are scared of people calling them out on it.

I find it very amusing that this whole group of rape apologists is actually pretty trashy; the boys are all wannabe gangsta, tatted up, trying to be all ghetto when its just plain old pathetic that they dont have their own sense of identity, and girls are just suffering from some kind of Stockholm syndrome crossed with doormat complex.

If people are outraged and want to do something about it; call your community school; call principal and teachers of Cole Harbor, ask them about the kind of education they are providing which does not include protecting young girls in our community. Demand accountability for their silence and tell them that this is not what you stand for!

Other than that, no Balkinsoon, rape culture is alive and kicking and its laughing at everyone and we need to talk about it!


  1. This is sick, what has happened to this society?
    It's just as bad in the US military.

  2. How would this whole story change if she was in fact a willing participant? [ I don't know, I wasn't there ] . If in fact she was willing , and the rape allegations came out only after the photos were published, I think that men will have to start getting consent in writing before hand. If she was in fact raped , then it is a whole different story. Nobody knows or won't tell the full story. It should all come out in the end. AND, the mental health assc. in NS needs a lot of work. There are too many cases going un treated

    1. Assuming she was still intoxicated, enthusiasm during the sexual contact does not imply consent and can still be charged with sexual assault/rape.

  3. Assuming she was still intoxicated, enthusiasm during the sexual contact does not imply consent and can still be charged with sexual assault/rape.

  4. The 'adult' and I use the term lightly Linda Shelley. Were you there? did you witness this? Or are you spouting hear say....because as an adult and if you were there...YOU in my eye should be held very much accountable for an people make me try and justify ANY of this.

  5. She was probably very inebriated (possibly BLACK OUT) and didn't /remember/ what had happened that night. THEN when the pictures surfaced...she knew SOMETHING had happened, something she wasn't aware of...and YA I'd be devastated too if pictures appeared of me in a provocative context which I had absolutely NO recollection of. The poor girl...that must have been hell. And no, instead of leaving her be humiliated one night (AND humiliated by the police who did jack shit) they continued to humiliate her EVERY DAY. Making her relive a night she DIDN'T remember. That my friends are true monsters. These trash need to be taken out.


    Latisha is dismissing what her brother and the others did as a "mistake" made when drunk. They were completely sober when they used that picture (and I doubt they took one) to degrade and destroy Rehtaeh. They bragged about it and encouraged others to help them.

    By their own account she was so drunk she had to be helped to the window and took turns on her while she was retching. They admitted she was not aware they were photographing her despite one saying to take a picture. They took advantage of her condition and the one in the pic gave a thumbs up. It doesn't matter that the only nudity was of the guy. Distributing a pic of a minor, even if you are that minor is an offense and more importantly it shows him having sex with her. They admitted the sex and that it was her to many, many people.

    Latisha is saying she knows the truth but she is just parroting what she was told and what she wants to believe. She demands people open their minds and that they are innocent until proven guilty but she is the worst offender of this. She mistakes belief for truth and has taken to the internet to spread this as firsthand knowledge she does not have.

    1. Any supporters of /the boys/ are quite literally digging deeper holes from themselves. Their names have been plastered all over the internet...for supporting RAPISTS.

      The world is watching you Nova Scotia.
      You fucked up once.
      Don't fuck up again.

    2. yeah I ended up reading the twitter and her patronizing behavior of the "boys"

  7. They sought to destroy her and her life. I have seen statements by them and their supporters that indicate that they were well aware of how vulnerable she would be to the psychological abuse and that they may have even intended to ruin her before she even came over that night. Her death is the direct cause of their vicious and remorseless actions and they even resorted to violence and threats to keep people silent. A lot of people were scared of them and they took great pleasure in taunting Rehtaeh's friends with what they did and how they ruined her.

    They engaged in and promoted intense psychological harm that lead to her death. I have a better word to describe them. Murderers.


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