Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rehtaeh: More harassment, victim blaming and rape apologia

This morning I was all hunky dory and happy that I will be taking care of rest of the stuff and chill out in the sun but then I was sent this tweet;
and as an evidential poster this;
I am absolutely pissed off at the way these exucse for human beings have reacted, initially I thought that there is no need to highlight "their side of the story" because they are incriminating themselves in all sorts of ways. But they havent really stopped after the police officials told them to take down facebook page and now this is what they are doing on the streets and on other online forums.

This was taken from a website where it was published in the comment section [which has been removed as of now]
WOW.. just fucking WOW.. I am at loss of words here; [again for people who do not know, Lorin WB, is father of one of the alleged rapist, as he disclosed that in his public open facebook group "Speak The Truth"]

So I have decided to post all the conversation here as a narrative to "Other Side Story" which the half sister of alleged rapist was more than happy to share with all of us [ aka posted on this blog comments' section ]
Well as long as we have all the family affiliations cleared up; CM and Latisha are sisters of Kyle [one of the alleged rapists]

Anyways it didnt stop there; it went on a very elaborate expedition;
Yeah man, we are ALL biased; go and read your own statements and recognize what you are literally saying and try to make sense of it. Considering what your father wrote in another online forum [check top screenshot] I guess you all come with the same level of garbage. Yeah, insulting me going to make you oh-so-better.

And those who ranted about they are "minor" too, 15yr old go get charged for their crimes; thats the precise reason we have juvenile justice system

People who took offense to statements of CM, brother of one of the alleged rapists were replied in such manner;
Sure I assume "rape" is not a crime anymore especially when the whole family is behind supporting and a community of morons cheering them.

Other than that a month old stabbing case has been connected to the suicide of Rehtaeh as well where presumbaly same "boys" were involved in stabbing friends of Rehtaeh and yes local police authorities and RCMP did nothing about it. Here is the story at Huffington Post

Well cos all the things in the world were not enough, we had rape symathisers/ rape apologists as well *palms face*
So anyone who was wondering what was going on with comments and crazy explanations; this is what CM wrote to her like-minded sympathisers at the end:
By replying she presumably mean replying on the blog section which reached more than 80 comments of thread.

To the rape apologists who wrote; "I have been to a party like that.. but I never blamed the boys".. If this happened to you and you are rationalising it then you need therapy; seek help but DO NOT go VICTIM BLAMING!!

To the rape apologists who wrote; "I can understand why CM is defending her brother...." no dude, I dont understand; I would be ASHAMED if it was my brother; if he had told me he committed all those things!

To the rape apologists who wrote; "Would you be leaving your child and blood alone.... " I dont adopt principles for convenience, please and thank you! 

From where I come from, we have a saying, it goes; "beti sab ki sanjhi hoti hai" [rough translation: A daughter is a daughter for everyone]; so no I dont have any empathy for the BOYS because I can see the way she is still being harassed after her death. I can see the way the BOYS family is supportive of all their actions.

Oh, and those who are going about that "Rehtaeh was a slut".. well assholes, EVEN SLUTS HAVE RIGHT TO CONSENT AND NOT BE RAPED!!!

I dont know what RCMP and Justice Minister of Nova Scotia are waiting for, to make things move forward.

For all the rape apologists, I just fail to understand why the hell people have soft spot for predators.


  1. So, one of the boys sisters has asserted their brother did "nothing wrong" as has their father. Friends and supporters of the boys are trying to claim there are “two sides” while insisting that there is only one despite the life these boys destroyed. They assert that these boys who destroyed a life are somehow good while engaging in despicable actions of defamation, harassment and obstructing justice themselves.

    There is only one "side" and that is the truth. That truth is those boys used degraded and dehumanized a 15 year old girl and encouraged others to help them. They were proud of it and their cruelty. They intentionally set out to destroy and humiliate her in the most public manner they could and did it in front of many witnesses. This alone was a sexual assault of her spirit and her very being.

    This undoubtably gives us a peek into the minds at work that night while the took advantage of a girl that was drunk to the point of vomiting. I have no doubt that without the malicious and intentional actions of these boys Rehtaeh would still be with us. Despite this their friends and family have tried to claim that they are “good” people and are telling them and the world that they bear no responsibility for their actions.

    With influences like these in their lives, is it any surprise they did what they did, have shown no remorse about it or that they and their friends have been accused of threatening, assaulting and intimidating others to keep them quiet? Is it any surprise that they now harass her grieving family less than a week after they buried their daughter and sister? The other "side" that this emotionally bankrupt group has shown us is not the one they think they have.

  2. This is unfortunately a mindset I have seen around here far too often in my life, and it sickens me beyond words. The double standard on sexuality is something that infuriates me like few things can, and the way it is used in this case to not only drive a young woman to see no way out but her own oblivion but then ofter that tragedy is being used to destroy her credibility all to protect those that were clearly the driving forces in all of this is just absolutely contemptible. That people would post such posters near the home of her family makes the idea of rubbing salt in an open wound a pleasure by comparison, and yet sadly it surprised me not at all given what I know of the area and of far too many people in this area.

    As I said in my first comment in the prior thread what the boys have been saying by the admission of that father and sister makes it painfully clear that either they do not understand the definition of sexual assault either legally or morally or worse don't care because they believe themselves and their own somehow in some way superior/better than the victim for whatever reason(s) in their sick minds (which of course they are not, NO ONE is inherently better/superior when it comes to human sexual interactions, it is one of those aspects of life where at base we are all the same despite what many people would like to believe/claim/force otherwise, indeed that is how our legal codes when they are actually being properly enforced require it to be understood as). I personally see these posters and their placement as a further pattern of harassment against the Parson family, not as some sort of plea for patience and understanding, because in all of this there has been a remarkable dearth of compassion, understanding or sympathy from these folks for Reahtah Parsons, her family, and friends. If I was sitting on a jury against these boys then I would be willing to extend such consideration, as I actually believe in the importance of fair trials and not prejudging when it comes to due process and not trusting only media accounts, but this is NOT that trial, indeed no small part of the outrage is because due process has appeared to have been circumvented from the outset when there was clearly multiple reasons for it to have gone farther than it ever did, and what little was done did not follow proper procedures (10 months after complaint and then interviewing all involved together?!? that is *NOT* basic proper procedure and that alone stinks to high heavens).

    I can understand wanting to be there for a family member even when they have done wrong/evil, but there is a difference between being there for them and excusing them for their actions and especially excusing it by trashing everyone/everything that dares show anything you don't want to believe regardless of reality, and the comments I have seen from the family members have all failed to recognize that critical difference. By everything those family members have said it is clear that the boys acted wildly inappropriately (yes, I know, massive understatement, but deliberately so to underscore just how out of touch to reality these folks are when they defend this) from the first, the picture taking and spreading afterwards (which has always sounded to me more like counting coup than anything else at least at the start although afterwards it clearly became more than that, not that it makes it any better, it does not) only compounding it all, and that none of these defenders can see that what they are describing is clearly wrongdoing by their family members and instead are not only defending it but worse accusing others of jumping to false conclusions speaks far more to their massive lack of understanding of the relevant issues both legally and morally here than anyone outraged by it IMHO. No wonder rape/sexual assault is still so severely under reported, especially in the younger age range when this is what you can look forward to.

    1. Personally I am just blown away by everything

  3. Lets get a few facts straight...I'm from this "moron community" as you put it. Do a little research before commenting on something you know nothing about unless you live here. I don't support these little fuckers nor does the community. The only supporters they have are family and friends. I rather run them down than to support a rapist. How about ask they community how they feel before you publish bullshit. I'm sure the community wouldn't appreciated being bashed..just because they live here doesn't mean shit.

    1. If you see one of these tasteless posters, please stop and take it down. It pains to me to think of Rehtaeh's mom or sisters seeing these signs. Obviously, these boys and their families are low class trash.

      The restraint Rehtaeh's family has shown by not outing these boys humbles me.

    2. I've already took down a dozen this evening on my walk. These boys are walking the streets laughing like they did nothing wrong, it takes all the restraint I have not to say something.

    3. *Agrees with Sue* these 'kids' (and likely these parents) have a serious absence of a sense of responsibility, regardless of if the act is then or now. Getting their pictures at the CP really demonstrated to me how little they cared. One attempted to assault me, one threatened another one of us, directly i front of the police station. These guys are so convinced they're immune to being proven of any wrongdoing (And the Crown's reluctance to bring forward 'cease and desist' orders in regards to the posters only supports it.) that they will continue to do, then spend the next day laughing about it.

      They say Rehtaeh had mental health issues, well, this is a whole herd of mental health issues that will never be 'well' enough to acknowledge the need for help.

    4. Shara,

      Honestly I am not surprised cos I read on twitter how they tried to assault someone else too.

      And there have been numerous personal accounts where people have been writing about how "this crowd" thinks that they are immunne to everything.

      The only thing I dont understand is; are they super influential that they think that they think they can get away with everything? I am only trying to understand the cocky behavior of the bunch cos if they are not afraid of anything then who the hell is providing such immense support to be shamelessly bold??

    5. I ran into this issue with an ex. Some mental health issues are un-treatable simply because you have to acknowledge the issue in order to be treated. It's the same for this crowd, and the same for many sociological issues. Compare it to living in isolated Middle Eastern, African, or Asian areas where children as young as eight are 'given away' as brides. Do you think these children see it as anything wrong? It happens to everyone. They probably have ways of mentally compensating for the eventuality of it. If you read the comments these 'supporters' leave around, you'll find it's a very similar, sad mentality.

      I think the most striking example is one commenting that she'd gotten very drunk, and had sex with (implied) multiple partners, but it was 'totally ok'. It made me so very sad to read. This is normal, acceptable.I can recall my parents 'normalizing' my sexual abuse..Now, at 32, I can see how it led me to serial abusive relationships, and brought me so much sadness.

      I hope the girls in this group can have the strength to pull themselves from the roles that their friends and family have taught them is 'all their good for', and I hope that they can have better success in their lives for it.

  4. Hi Sue. Community is a broad term. It can mean The HRM Community, The community of Eastern Passage, the Cole Harbour High community, a street, a blog, a few people playing cards etc. I think in this article, the "community of morons" is not referring to Eastern Passage, Dartmouth, Cole Harbour or any other location. Rather, the article refers to the community of supporters for these 4 boys, which consist of family, friends, those who remain silent when they have information, and those who generally think these boys did nothing wrong. So please do not take offence if you do not consider your self a part of this community. I didn't.

  5. The Eastern Passage community as a whole has no use for these scum bags. We all want them charged. A slap on the wrists will not do. Like I said I see these losers every day and it takes all I have not to do or say something. I hope they rot in hell.

  6. A good picture of how vicious the young men involved were and are. Having her friend stabbed may habe been the last straw for Rehteah.

  7. I agree that charges should be laid and, if guilty, these boys should also feel the full weight of the law. No one has the right to harm *anyone*, that should go without saying; unfortunately, it doesn't always. This is why we have our courts of law. What I am concerned with, however, is the vigilante nature and presumption of guilt before a legal conviction. This is not right. There is still a chance that those boys *are* innocent, or that one of them is innocent. This is why all suspects are presumed innocent...the burden of proof lies with who declares, not who isn't a perfect system; but the day we start presuming guilt and destroying innocent lives, then we have regressed back to a society of lynch mobs and torches. If they are all found guilty, then they should be punished, and severely. Until that day, please try and remember what makes Canada a great nation to live, and that is we protect the innocent, all innocent, which, sometimes, comes at a cost. In this instance, the system failed Rehtaeh and that tragedy is great. But if even one of those boys is innocent, then we have to ask: does the destruction of two innocent lives lessen the tragedy of losing one?

    1. Anon has a confession of rape from one... prove that innocent plz :)

    2. Anonymous? The online group who's name isn't just a fun play on words? Do you think this confession gathered by them would hold up in a court of law? But, let's indulge for a moment and say that this was accurate and admissible. That's a confession from *one* of them. All of them may be guilty, but one of them may be innocent, maybe not. All i'm saying is I saw a picture released on facebook of all these boys faces. They have not been found guilty and what if someone took matters into their own hands and dispensed some vigilante justice to all of them, including the innocent one? I'd rather see 1000 guilty men go free than to wrongfully punish an innocent.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. how can anyone supposedly 'unbiased' continue to say 'presumed innocent' when at least two of the boys have freely admitted the 5 W's of what they did. they simply don't consider it rape. they consider her attendance at the party a blanket consent. the law does not. it's pretty simple, and not a 'he said - she said' situation. the 'he saids' have convicted themselves and are just too stupid to realize it.

    1. There's no such thing as an "unbiased, objective" opinion. I say presumed innocent because that is how the law looks at all individuals. I'm not championing for the guilty, i'm championing for the possibility of innocence, and that possibility has to exist. How many convictions have been overturned or lost on appeal in seemingly obvious cases? They may very well have "convicted themselves" but this for the courts to decide, not us. My bias is wanting justice to be dispensed, but not via armchair convictions and vigilante justice.

    2. Yes, I have seen those pictures as well and again the "confession" published here is by the alleged person's immediate family on a public forum; so unless you are refuting direct evidence thats upto you.

      You have issues with people releasing pictures for other three people, it would be better if you took it up with them.

    3. All i'm trying to say is that as layman's, what is considered "direct evidence" is not up to us to decide. A confession on a public forum by an immediate family member is damning, for sure, it's up to the courts to decide whether it is admissible. To draw that out to its logical conclusion, any disgruntled family member could post a confession on behalf of another, Again, i'm not advocating *for* the accused, i'm arguing *against* presumption of guilt without due process. That's all.

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