Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome to Tarpon Springs High: Rape Culture

This has been a very rough week with gathering information on Rehtaeh and "Support 4 Boys" who have been loitering everywhere and anywhere.

Well today, my screen was graced with information from Tarpon Springs High, Florida, where a person has been arrested for sexual battery of a 15yr old Jane Doe at a party where no parents were present at the house.

The incident occurred at a Tarpon Springs home on April 13 at 1 a.m. Alcohol was involved at the party and JD was drunk where she was taken by 3 boys so that she could "lay in a room". Police has arrested one of them [17yr old] in relation to the incident.

Well that was not enough that supporters of alleged rapists started a campaign online called "Free Jared" and in the area not limited to vandalizing public property.
If people start seeing Tarpon Springs High wearing elaborative T-Shirts as rape apologists; please dont be surprised about it
Note: #FreeJared campaign not to be confused with a campaign which has also been going around for Maine high school student who uttered racist and homophobic and subsequently been suspended for it. Kudos to the school cos their students are citing it as their "1st Amendment Right" *rolls eyes*
So going back to Tarpon Springs High; their is a morality birgade of teens who are writing all sorts of bullshit. Slut shaming of TS-JD [Tarpon Springs-Jane Doe] does not ends there.
That was classy, so classy!
It was not limited to mockery of the policing system which shows that this might get out of hand in the community
One of them wrote a threat and were advised to take it off by hacktivist group Anonymous after they started #OpStopShaming!
I guess whole holier-than-thou attitude in form of slut-shaming is kinda worst when it comes from women and girls
Again going back to the same thing that it does NOT matter what you think of a "woman's character" cos even SLUTS HAVE RIGHT TO CONSENT!
 I feel bad for her that she has friends like yourself who instead of providing support are being "judgemental" on her past personal choices. And I pity you! but life doesn't stops there cos its a "freedom of speech" to slut shame and harass a rape victim...
wow I had no clue such rights existed *sarcasm*
I honestly don't understand how people can ignore the fact that their words are not forgotten by the internet. They will be here for the rest of eternity and their bullying actions will haunt them. And to top it off, this is absolutely sick behaviour.

I dont know when we will be out of this "Bros before Hoes" behavior, I dont know when people will realize that taking advantage of someone's body is nothing but despicable. It only shows what a fucking low person you are. But it only confirms my fears that we are not doing enough to save our girls from such heinous crimes.

You know what the sad part is; that all of them are high school students and they had just so much bitterness and zero compassion for their peer who has been brutalized.


  1. The saddest thing is that so many, if not most of the people slandering and trying to publicly destroy the alleged victim in this case are girls. I have seen this in a number of cases just like this. They don't seem to get that this is one of the main reasons rape victims most often do not come forward and why many popular atheletes think they can get away with treating girls like personal play things. Statistically at least some of the these girls are likely to go through the very thing that they are attacking their classmate for.

    One thing that these supporters of Jared don't get is that this is actually hurting his case and has already begun to bring international attention to him and what they are doing to the alleged victim. Innocent until proven guilty applies to both of them and they don't realize that their online behavior could affect their future profoundly. They could lose scholarships, job opportunities, be rejected from colleges, get suspended or expelled, be kicked off of their sport teams or even face legal action as some of them made or retweeted threats against the girl.

    In fact, the accused young man they are defending clearly wants them to stop.

    This is his twitter. He originally had a picture of 4 empty bottles of rum as the background of his page but has since changed it.

  2. There are very few phrases that grate more on my ears and nerves than "bros before hoes", I've heard it since I was a kid, and I was supposed to go along with it (and caught grief for never doing so, sadly from many females as well as males) to excuse everything right up to date rape, not that the boys seemed to understand they had raped someone, oh no after all no means yes to a virile young stud from those weak sisters that don't know how blessed they are to have studly's attentions...(that last should be heard absolutely drenched, not just dripping, drenched in sarcasm for those that couldn't tell already). It saddens and infuriates me to see that this mentality still runs so strong despite all that has come out in the public realm over the last few decades where sexual abuse, sexual assault and overall misogyny in society is concerned. I personally think that sexual culture in NA is a very sick thing indeed, worse in the USA but still not all that much better in Canada (although I think Quebec is a little better than the rest in being more direct in facing sexuality in human nature, but that is only a personal opinion, not something I would argue as anything close to proven fact), and that is a core element as to why we cannot seem to shake so much of this rape culture mentality. We need to start being far more honest, factual/reality based and matter of fact on matters of sexuality AND having at its core the utter equality of the genders in doing so especially in terms of freedoms, consent, and choices with their own, along with their absolute right to say no as much as yes and have equally seen as respectable positions. I think if we managed that as a society it would go a long way to undermining and even hopefully removing the current rape culture that clearly and sadly exists today.


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